Case Studies

Property Type:  Medical Office
Project Type:  Building Retrofit
Measures:  HVAC Upgrades, Advanced Building Controls
Amount:  $900,000
O&M Savings:  40% annually
Term:  19 Years

C-PACE financed Medical Office Retrofit

  • 860 Potomac, an existing Class B medical office building located adjacent to Colorado’s Fitzsimons Medical Campus, needed significant building system upgrades to bring the property to market and attract a new tenant base.
  • Largely core and shell at the time, the building was to undergo various capital-intensive renovations and tenant improvements.
  • The client leveraged C-PACE to invest in new high-quality equipment transforming the property into the premier medical office in the area
  • In partnership with Lever Energy Capital, one of our C-PACE lender relationships, the building owner was able to utilize C-PACE to finance energy efficiency solutions, capital expenditures, and tenant improvements including advanced building controls and high efficiency HVAC systems.
  • At no out of pocket costs to the owner, these investments improved the asset quality, significantly reduced operating expenses, and improved the comfort of the building for tenants.
  • The end result was a more competitive real estate asset with improved net operating income.

Fannie Mae Green Rewards

  • Multi-site portfolio to perform individual Fannie Mae Green rewards inspections at sites located in GA, AL and MS.

  • Our Engineering team identified a minimum of 10 potential measures at each of the properties resulting in a 19% Water site savings and a 28% site Energy Savings.

Energy Audit

  • 68-Unit Luxury multifamily project in Malibu, CA. Our energy audit focused on the landlord paid utilities.
  • The resulting audit and engineering study identified 9 potential water/energy reduction measures for consideration resulting in a minimum of 30% savings for electric and natural gas usage.